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The Team



Michelle started Trail Dogs to make a difference in animals’, and their human’s, lives - to make a positive and lasting impact and improve a family’s quality of life.


She attentively oversees Trail Dogs; working with all of the great dogs and owners in the Trail Dogs family and is available for private training sessions via ZOOM or in person.

Michelle is a Los Angeles native who LOVES dogs - any shape, size or temperament. Really, she loves ALL animals. She lives with her rescue dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes.


Growing up, her family provided an “overflow” refuge for local wildlife and domestic animal rescues; so she has lived with everything from dogs, cats and exotic birds, to squirrels and seagulls! It was an obvious natural evolution that she would work with animals! She has also rescued many dogs and cats from the downtown area (if you have ever tried this, you know this is an example of her patience and love for animals).



Kenny joined Trail Dogs in 2021 and quickly became a pack and client favorite. After years of experience working as a local dog hiker she has continuously tuned her skill level and abilities as a fantastic training focused pack leader under Michelle's guidance.

Now as pack leader, she brings her balanced energy and great leadership skills to the trail every day. She implements our core values in the structure of our daily activities as leader of the Trail Dogs pack!

We are so lucky to have Kenny!

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