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Michelle at Trail Dogs is amazing. My 12 pound Havanese adores her adventures with Michelle and canine buddies. Michelle has a wonderful natural talent with dogs. Her love, skill set and knowledge of dogs create a safe, secure and fun environment for every pet. Michelle has the special touch in blending dogs large and small together with ease. Your pet will aspire to be the best they can be and they will receive personalized attention that supports their confidence and happiness. The over night, hiking or day guest package insures a feel good state for you and your pet. Michelle can also help redirect not so perfect behavior and bolster up the timid dog. I give Michelle a 5 Star rating in dog care, training and exercise.

~ Janis / Juliet

Michelle has been my dog’s walker/hiker/babysitter/caretaker/emergency response person, for over a year now.  I have two dogs, one is an older arthritic husky and the other is a younger Staffy bull terrier whom I very recently rescued.  The long hikes are good to tire out my Staffy so she could play with all the other dogs, get her socialized better, and get her exercise. At the same time, the hikes are not  strenuous for my older dog and she prefers these walks on the trails over the boring dog park. It’s great for me because I come home to happy and tired dogs that sleep the rest of the day away and I am left in utter blissful peace.

It’s very comforting to know that in any situation I can call Michelle to help me with my girls. My older dog (a formerly abused red-listed pound dog) is adverse to most humans and prefers the company of only me and other dogs.  She generally rejects the attention most people want to give her. Michelle is one of the extremely few people whom she loves to see and kisses. This is a relationship that formed through time and patience and trust.

Not only have I used Michelle to take my dogs out, she has also been there for me in emergency and non emergency situations and have stayed over many nights to take care of my babies while I am out of town. I would like to point out that last Christmas there was a horrible tragedy in my family and I had to fly out as soon as possible. Michelle actually cut her Christmas vacation short and came back to Los Angeles to help me out so I could fly out. I will forever appreciate that.  Thank you Michelle !

Obviously I highly recommend Michelle for your pets needs.  She provides my pups with so many positive benefits through their time together and provides me with peace of mind. Every pet parent needs a Michelle in their life!

~ Marina/ Callie & Madch

Trusting Michelle to walk my beloved dog means trusting her with his life, my empty house and my peace of mind.  Michelle is a sweetie pie, which is great because she’s always fun and compassionate and patient when we speak.  But she is so smart, and can get to any address with any hidden key…I am so happy me 'n the pooch found her.

~ Andrea / Pookie

Michelle has been nothing short of an amazing pet sitter! When my cat was very young, she had severe pneumonia for two months and needed frequent care. While I was working, Michelle was the only person I would trust to watch her! I trusted Michelle’s judgment on how my cat was doing throughout the day and knew that she would contact me right away if necessary. I also knew that my cat would get the care and attention that she needed.  When my cat was then hospitalized for two weeks, Michelle was so supportive and called me often, checking in to see how my cat was doing. Ever since then, Michelle has been the only pet sitter that I use.  She is compassionate, knowledgeable, and extremely reliable. I would recommend Michelle without any reservations to anyone looking for a pet sitter! 

~ Lauren / Lovebug

Michelle always walks in the door so excited to see our dogs, almost excited as they are to see her! She takes the most amazing photos that make me feel like I'm on the hike!  Michelle is a genuine, loving soul and there is no one I'd rather my pups spend their day with!

~ Katie / Harper

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