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Michelle is a Los Angeles native who LOVES dogs - any shape, size or temperament. Actually, she loves ALL animals. She lives in Venice with her 4 rescues ~ Bodhi Baer (a 70lb American Bulldog/Pit mix), Lulu (a 6lb Chihuahua/Pug mix), and cats Akanke and Zeppelin.


Growing up, her family provided an “overflow” refuge for local wildlife and domestic animal rescues; so she has lived with everything from dogs, cats and exotic birds, to squirrels and seagulls! She even jumped out of a moving vehicle to save a bird at age 5 – obviously it was a natural evolution that she would work with animals! She has also rescued many dogs and cats from the downtown area (if you have ever tried this, you know this is an example of her patience and love for animals).


Michelle started Trail Dogs to make a difference in animals’, and their human’s, lives - to make a positive and lasting impact and improve a family’s quality of life. She spends her days hiking the local trails and working with all of the great dogs and owners in the Trail Dogs family.

Trail Dogs believes in creating and maintaining a balanced, happy dog. We believe to accomplish this you need exercise, boundaries, consistency and affection.


Based on the Westside of Los Angeles, Trail Dogs was founded on the idea that there is power in the pack. Learning from a constructive environment while having fun. With the proper leadership and structure, any dog can overcome and resolve any behavioral problems, emotional struggles and frustrations to thrive.


Trail Dogs is more than a dog hiking service, there is a training element to everything we do. We firmly believe in thoughtful exercise and guided socialization to help develop a well-balanced dog, physically and mentally. By creating a unified relationship with your loved one, we help bring balance and harmony to your home.


Our packs are thoughtfully managed to address all temperament and energy levels, in order to create the most nourishing environment for all dogs on the hike.


We offer a wide range of services to cater to all of your family’s needs; from training to hiking to sitting and beyond, we have you covered.


Pack Hikes/Training

1.5 - 2 hours in the Santa Monica mountains.  

  • $55 (1 dog)

  • $85 (2 dogs from the same household)

  • $100 (3 dogs from the same household)

Class is in session! Away from the city buzz, your dog enjoys a supervised adventure with friends and comes home happy ...and pooped! Pack hikes are a great way for your dog to learn, exercise, socialize, play & just be a dog.  Every hike is an opportunity to improve abilities, behavior and social skills. Excursion lasts roughly 3-5 hours.

to set up a meet and greet.

Solo Hikes/Training

For dogs who aren't ready to be in the pack.

60-90 minutes in the Santa Monica mountains.  

  • $85 (1 dog)

  • $100 (2 dogs from the same household)

  • $110 (3 dogs from the same household)

Solo hikes are a great way for dogs who aren't ready for the pack environment to get exercise, training and form a relationship with us. Every hike is an opportunity to work on any behavioral issues, emotional struggles or basic training needs. 

Boarding / Sitting

1.5 - 2 hour pack hike in the

Santa Monica mountains included.

  • $105 per day (1 dog)

  • $125 per day (2 dogs)

  • $140 per day (3 dogs)

Not all dogs can, or want to, stay in a boarding facility; they can be noisy, stressful and too stimulating. We are your solution. Your pet will be comfortable while you are away; very little of their regular schedule or environment changes, staying in a stress free home environment (your home or ours). Your dog will receive round the clock personal attention, supervision and love. Includes a daily pack hike or activity.

**In home boarding ~ space is limited and determined on a case by case basis. Contact us with your needs and we will find a solution.


In home training session with you and your dog. 

  • $175 per hour (1 dog)

  • $225 per hour (2 dogs)

  • $275 per hour (3 dogs)

We firmly believe any dog can overcome and resolve any behavioral problems, emotional struggles and frustrations to thrive. We are here to support you and help you bring harmony to your household through structure, leadership, patience and consistency. We will guide you and your dog through any obstacles you are facing and help you become a symbiotic team. One on one in your environment, we can address all of your concerns including, but not limited to, aggression, leash/fence reactivity, lunging, pulling, excessive barking, in home fighting or resource guarding, and work to a solution. We can also meet all of your basic obedience needs. Contact us to schedule a session.

Walks / Visits 

Add $5 for each additional dog or cat per household.

Add $10 for feeding / additional care needs.

  • $25 - Potty break / Kitty pop-in

  • $30 - 30 minute walk/visit 

  • $35 - 45 minute walk/visit 

  • $40 - 60 minute walk/visit 

One on one street walks and visits to ensure your pet is taken care of while you are not home. We can provide exercise, company, food, administer medication or meet any of your other in home care needs.


**Packages expire 30 days from the date of purchase. Multiple dog pricing available for single household only.**

New Client Special

$10 off each hike. Includes 3 hikes and a free 30 minute consultation/training session. Limit 1 per household.

One Dog

Pack - $135

Solo - $225

Two Dogs

Pack - $225

Solo - $270

Three Dogs

Pack - $270

Solo - $300

Pack Hikes

One Dog

10 hikes for $530 ($20 off)

15 hikes for $790 ($35 off)

20 hikes for $1045 ($55 off)

Two Dogs

10 hikes for $830 ($20 off)

15 hikes for $1240 ($35 off)

20 hikes for $1645 ($55 off)

Three Dogs

10 hikes for $980 ($20 off)

15 hikes for $1465 ($35 off)

20 hikes for $1945 ($55 off)


In home training sessions with you and your pet. Billed hourly; can be used separately or combined.

$25 off 3 hours, $50 off 5 hours.

One Dog

3 hours - $500 

5 hours - $825

Two Dogs

3 hours - $650

5 hours - $1075

Three Dogs

3 hours - $800

5 hours - $1325

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The sheer joy my pups' exhibit when they see Michelle says it all. Both my girls have been hiking, training and pup-sat by Michelle and I could not be happier. She is so warm, friendly and non judgmental when it comes to your dogs- she wants them to be the happy, well-adjusted and polite pups you've always known they could be! She has worked wonders with our family, giving us valuable insight on training in general and also specific advice for our home dynamic (furry 4yr old little mutt and 9 mos old medium-sized brindle mix). Both our dogs love the exercise and are so much more confident and relaxed while socializing with other pups.  We are so happy we found Trail Dogs!

~ Eleni / Scout & Daisy

Michelle is truly a gem when it comes to dog trainers.  I would actually refer to her a more of a “dog whisperer” than a trainer only because she has an instinctive relationship with her dogs — understands their facial expressions, behavior modalities and desires.   We adopted a 60 lb. Aussie from an agency only to find out he went ballistic when spotting another dog on a leash, not to mention friends entering our house, etc.  After trying three other failed trainers and a dog “psychologist” we happily discovered Trail Dogs.  After just a few weeks our Aussie, “Benji” was quite a different dog.  Everyone who knew him before and after Michelle worked with him also [happily] experienced the change in his behavior.  Even our other dog’s behavior changed for the better.  Can’t say enough about Michelle’s dedication and ability!

~Mort/ Benji

I’ve been working with Michelle for 2 years and she is the best! From our very first meet and greet, Michelle has been extremely professional, responsive and accommodating. My schedule is crazy and Michelle has always been able to work with me to find a great solution. Phinney, my amazing Australian Shepherd, is a huge fan as well and loves her hikes. Michelle always sends photos of their adventures and it’s obvious she loves her doggie clients. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking for doggie help – she’s a great resource for any dog parent!

~ Emily / Phinney

Charlie's hike is a weekly tradition with Michelle. From day one, I trusted Michelle to give my pup the quality outdoor time and socializing with other dogs. By being with her on a weekly basis and as a developing puppy, Charlie also learned new tricks and behavioral skills. My schedule is always changing and a big plus with Michelle is she will pickup/drop off my pup with what's convenient for me. That goes a long way. In addition, she gives great health tips for my Charlie and even myself! I love that she's always looking out for us.

~ Natalie / Charlie

I chose Trail Dogs so that my dog could get the exercise she needs during the week when I'm working. Now I choose Trail Dogs because there is no one else I trust more to take care of my dog when I'm away. Michelle's love for animals shows in every hike and I would recommend her to everyone. 

~ Sharon / Rosie

One day I got a wild idea that I wanted a four legged companion in my life. My search led my heart to this adventurous puppy. Little did I know my wild idea would turn into having a wild, EXTREMELY hyper active dog. I was left without the skills to manage it. I even come from a background of working with animals- vet clinic, pet stores, groom shops, ext- and nowhere did I come across a dog like the one I now lived with. Luck had it that I met Michelle! Through her amazing training, pack hikes, and tools, Rooster blossomed and became a completely different dog. Without her help, training and pack hikes, there would have been absolutely no way I could have kept him! He would have become another dog of multiple homes. The complete difference and balance in my dog leads me to call Michelle my dog whisperer!! She does magic with these dogs!!

~ Lisa / Rooster



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